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Bruce Lee in Brutal Karate Tournament!

VIDEO: Bruce Lee dominating at a Karate tournament! Check it out!

Martial arts tournament: There are rules, referees, and it is built and designed to be a friendly competitive contest. Punches and kicks that land are graded with points and the end result of such contests is to be the best sport martial artist. You can win trophies and have a lot of fun in a stress free atmosphere where you have practiced for weeks or months in preparation for the battles ahead of you. READ MORE

Most tournaments rules are semi-contact and the judges will be looking for clean technique and not an out and out brawl, so increase training on those techniques that would be used i.e. basic kicks and punches with some confidence. Remember that complex moves or exciting but difficult kicks need not be used just for effect, those are best left to demonstrations and not in the ring. Focus on technique only and increasing confidence as those techniques become second nature.




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