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VIDEO: Watch this for some useful Judo self-defense techniques!

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Pankration Combat Sports started at the Greek Olympic Games in 648 B.C. This sport represents a mixture of Boxing and Wrestling. Pankration means “all powers” in Ancient Greek Language. It is also referred to as power or strength. The sport has quite a few variations and this term is used to describe these as well. What makes this sport so special is that is that many people considered this the very first full combat fighting system in human history.



VIDEO: Watch this for some useful Judo self-defense techniques!

With the increase in crime and the recession these sports are reverting back to as combating techniques as a large part of third world still remain engulfed in poverty. With the increase in crimes, these sports have become more of a way of protection for their own and their loved one’s lives.

There of course are a few favourites among the people for being deadlier and making the fighter stronger. Boxing has been the most common style of combat. Boxing fitness training actually helps you to increase your body strength and suppleness. It is a popular combat sport that teaches you to protect yourself from any attack or harm from a dangerous person. Boxing fitness training primarily helps you to remain physically active and fit besides teaching you to protect yourself.

Normally whenever these sports are advertised, they are always targeting a male audience who is ready to be all beefed up by learning ways to hit people. Bjj classes, boxing classes, martial arts training etc are always presented in such a manner that they mark a territory that it is a man’s sport or a man’s thing to do. They are always associated with masculinity as if saying that learning these combating techniques is actually what makes a man a man, not anything else.

All over the world Bjj classes, boxing classes, martial arts training etc marked as man’s hobbies. Thus women are marginalized and are shunned away from learning them. They are always taught to be more sophisticated and more elegant and how learning these combating techniques are not ladylike behavior. They are always taught to be more submissive and play the role of being the damsel in distress.

Women for a long time have been marginalized and forcibly kept away from learning combating techniques as most cultures throughout the world frown over such thoughts. It is interesting to note that it is seen as a threat that woman after learning combating techniques might become difficult to tame. As ridiculous as it maybe to read it, most men hold this view. And it is seen as if women lose their femininity by learning techniques of these arts.

Knowing the right Judo Techniques to gain superior positioning and dominance on your opponent can be the difference to winning or losing a MMA fight. Judo is great for mixed martial arts because it focuses on closing distance and shooting in for take downs so your able to slam your opponent on his back helplessly.

If you want to increase the level of your MMA game and your not a closed-minded idiot, consider learning some Judo to have even more weapons to use.

There are many variations of “The Fence” which is used for self protection.  However, in the most basic form of The Fence (arms forward between the aggressor and defender, palms open and usually facing downwards) it can be very similar to the fighting guard used in many traditional martial arts and to the guard used by the Victorian Bare Knuckle Boxers.  The main difference being whether the hands are open or closed, but the arms are in very similar positions.  Furthermore, traditional martial arts were developed for self protection rather than sport and although Bare Knuckle Boxing is technically a sport, it is probably one of the closest combat sports to real life combat.

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