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Would Tony Jaa be a match for Bruce Lee?

OPEN DEBATE: Do you think Tony Jaa would rise to the challenge if Bruce Lee were still alive for one of the ultimate badass fights of the century?

Concept: A fallen legend and an upcoming legend face to face for an ultimate Martial arts master showdown! Feel free to openly discuss your favorite and reasons as to why he is your choice. Click on to see more!

tj vs bl

In the right corner: The legend that made martial arts films a big hit. The founder and creator of the MMA style Jeet Kun Do. The undefeated, Bruce Lee!

In the left corner: Muay Thai master rise to stardom who started out with TKD later on adopting Muay Thai Boran in just a year of mastering it. The high man who was influenced by watching action stars such as: Bruce Lee, Jet Li, and Jackie Chan. The brutal Muay Thai fighter, Tony Jaa!




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