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Why Martial Arts Weapons Had Been So Popular

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A lot of traditional martial art weapons are rather dated since the invention of the rifle/gunpowder-based weapons/warfare.What benefits exist from learning to use (or what does one learn from training with) weapons that generally have no practical/realistic use in modern times – such as staff, spear, longsword, chain whip, etc.  READ MORE BELOW


Martial arts weapons refer to nonballistic weaponry created in Asia before the 1900s— most of which came out of China. Although the earliest record of an unambiguous weapon (a weapon clearly used for killing purposes) is a 400,000-year-old wooden throwing spear found in Germany, the earliest metal weapon is a Chinese Neolithic (5000 B.C.) lance with a copper spear point. CONTINUE READING ARTICLE & WATCH ANIME VIDEO ON NEXT PAGE



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