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4.  The club hero– So you go to a martial arts school and argue logic and they say but wait we have “Joe Bloggs” who is our expert fighter. You watch this guy and he is awesome can move and fight with ease. If he can do it you can right? Wrong. What they didn’t tell you is that they have 500 students and no one can fight except for that 1 guy.

A good combat system is one where the mass majority of people are proficient at what they do not the minority.  Some people are super athletes that can apply anything they know. But this is not the mass majority of people.

It is for these very reasons I hate being painted with the Martial Artist brush. I have been there and will never go there ever again. I am a combat instructor and my role and promise to those who train with me is simple.

These basic promises are what any professional combat instructor should be delivering too you. If not. Find somewhere else to train. If you are like I was once and hunting for all the solutions because something didn’t feel right. Or you were waiting for the big secret to be revealed cut your loses now. Find a new training place that will deliver you  the truth of reality combat training.

Nowadays people treat the martial arts like a business, structure everything around sales and promotion, and the belt is held up as the goal.

Fact: the belt means nothing.

Fact: knowledge means everything.

But these two facts seem to have become twisted, and the belt means everything, and knowledge means nothing.

I didn’t understand my Kang Duk Won instructors thoughts concerning belts, and I didn’t care. I was one of the faithful. I worked out till I bled, and there was no middle ground. There was no entertainment, and freestyle while recognized as a game, was treated like life or death.

Not to beat somebody else up, but to hone your own skills.

Now, fees. I charge little, if at all. The rationale here is: how can I charge somebody for what he already knows? What he already paid for, and not just in money, but in sweat and blood?

Yet I had one fellow come to me and said he was required to pay $800, plus plane fare to Japan, plus lodgings and meals and all, to take a martial arts test.

What are Martial Arts?

In the loosest sense, the term “martial arts” essentially means “military arts,” so any training system that prepares an individual for combat or self-defense is technically martial arts. The typical perception is that such arts are fighting styles — like karate or kung fu — that originate from the Far East that can transform the smallest person into a deadly fighting machine.

Although these examples are martial arts, modern ones also include: boxing, grappling techniques, such as Brazilian jujitsu, and even the training that police officers receive, concerning how to use a pistol. Many traditional form of this art are not necessarily preparing a student for street fights, so much as it’s teaching discipline and maintaining physical condition.

What is the deadliest martial art?

Realistically, in a real fight, someone with no fight experience or training can kill someone. The human body is fragile and things can easily get out of hand. Many people believe that there are pressure points that can kill or disable someone with a light blow.

While there may be some truth to this, most deaths from fighting come from someone’s head hitting concrete or getting stabbed. As far as martial arts that lend themselves to incapacitating people, many of the hard styles fall into this category, as does Brazilian jujitsu.

Brazilian jujitsu is a ground fighting technique and will teach you how to lock people in submission holds or choke them out. Muay thai is considered one of the most dangerous martial arts because it was designed to be used for combat.

However, several muay thai moves are not usually taught and are banned from use in competitions because they are moves that, if executed properly, will kill someone instantly.


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