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AMAZING! Judo matches

Video: Judo matches that take place all over the world.

Watch as they fight with their impressive fighting styles. 

Judo fights that takes place all over the world, people from different countries come and try their luck with their fists and martial arts skills. They try to best one another to get the most points by doing the most combos and hitting their opponents. Do not worry about them though, some of them can hit hit pretty hard others wear padded armor and teeth brace to help break them from the hit so they do not break bones.

The early history of judo is inseparable from its founder, Japanese polymath and educator Jigoro Kano ( Kanō Jigorō, 1860–1938), born Shinnosuke Kano ( Kanō Shinnosuke). Kano was born into a relatively affluent family. His father, Jirosaku, was the second son of the head priest of the Shinto Hiyoshi shrine in Shiga Prefecture. He married Sadako Kano, daughter of the owner of Kiku-Masamune sake brewing company and was adopted by the family, changing his name to Kano, and ultimately became an official in the Shogunal government.