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What Traditional Martial Arts Can do and Fixed Forms Can’t

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Jeet Kune Do is notable in that it encourages adaptability to any situation. It is relatively easy to defend oneself from attackers when one is trained to use react to the situation at hand instead of relying on fixed techniques. In fact, this is the perfect martial art for street fighting. Further, this fighting style can be practiced by people of all ages and levels of physical fitness since the fighting style is very subtle and requires the fighter to do feints that put the opponent off guard and to conserve energy whilst fighting. The main benefit of this martial art is that it is perfect for regular people who want to feel safe as they go about their daily lives.

One of the best things traditional self defense can offer for the children is that in this strict regimented institution, they are being taught about discipline and values. Schools are responsible for teaching kids everything about proper conduct but not every child is quick about learning it. It is a great idea for parents who have impulsive kids to go to to these martial institutions for a very effective behavioral modification program.



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