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Know everything from the Kickboxing Champion girl

She is Germaine Yeap, a Professional Muay Thai Fighter who had been undergoing a training for 6 years and she represents Malaysia in international fights.

In collaboration with Maxman.Tv, Germaine will enter a local gym and pretend that she’s the nerdy type of girl who don’t know how to fight. The owners of the gym thought that it would be hilarious to make fun of their new Muay Thai trainers as they get beaten up by Germaine.

She entered the gym like a weak girl who knows nothing in kick boxing. So she tried approaching the Muay Thai trainers asking them if they could teach her some moves, but these trainers said that they don’t want to hurt her. But in the end they still agreed to teach her Muay Thai.

At first, Germaine pretended that she’s actually being beaten up by the trainers. But after she asks for a break, that’s when her energy boosts and she really surprised the trainers. She showed them her sick moves in Muay Thai and she even knocked down the fresh trainers of Muay Thai in that gym. In the end the owners and Germaine revealed that everything was a prank and they laughed at the new trainers.



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