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Why Aikido is Disliked by BJJ and MMA Practitioners? • Martial Arts Journey

Aikido frequently has a mixed or perhaps adverse credibility, particularly in between practitioners of MMA and also BJJ. It took me years to understand why this is really the instance. MMA and also other battle sports experts, inspect the video if you want to recognize just what is the real factor why Aikido is done not like by BJJ.

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Aikido frequently has a blended and even unfavorable track record, particularly between specialists of MMA and BJJ. Having exercised Aikido for even more than a decade, and also for many years being a loyal pupil, initially I made use of to misunderstand the reason for this negative thoughts and disgust. Only years after, I realized why this is genuinely taking place, which drastically changed my method and also understanding of Aikido and it’s scenario.

Hi, my name is Rokas, and also in this Martial Arts Journey video we’ll have a look at one of the reasons behind the adverse online reputation of Aikido between contemporary fight sporting activities professionals.

As we practice fighting styles and also battle sporting activities, we all have our phases. We usually begin by having subconscious prejudice of caring our practice and thinking that it is the ideal. If fortunate, we after that gradually relocate to an aware bias, of comprehending why we like our technique, rather of others, and at some point the next action of maturity is being able to identify the defects and also reality behind our practice, as well as appreciating it for what it is, while valuing other arts. Not everybody is able to move along these stages, even after training for years.

In my preliminary phase of exercising Aikido, I was told by my instructor that it is the purest martial art of them all, generally since of it’s advanced and also relaxed approach. Looking up highly to my trainer, and having no experience in fight sports, I thought that to be real, and while I never placed too much attention to this thought, part of me was pleased to be “above” the “dirty as well as unsophisticated” people and practices.

As I went on to the following Dojo – a similar sort of mentality in relation to combat sporting activities was really felt, although not talked as openly. Go across training in combat sporting activities was not recommended exactly what so ever, given that “it would destroy the understanding of the pure Aikido viewpoint.”, therefore I kept staying clear of any fight sporting activities techniques, remaining to think that Aikido is the most effective, that it is all that is necessary and if I would practice other, a lot more fight drivened practices – my practice would suffer due to it.

Just when I was currently running my Dojo and also I met a BJJ specialist who persuaded me to attempt rolling with him, as well as eventually to educate together, after numerous talks I started to see exactly how large as well as fantastic the fight sporting activities globe is. Speaking with him I saw only regard and also curiosity. When I met his fitness center pals, I had pretty a lot the exact same perception, and I was left wondering: so where are all these battle sporting activities meatheads that I was informed about? When taking into consideration after that, why Aikido was done not like by battle sports professionals, I thought – possibly it’s because Aikido is not truly as useful in the world of fighting as their techniques.

Ultimately, an additional huge exposure happened. Sick of some Aikido people thinking that “Aikido is too fatal for MMA”, or that “Aikido people do not most likely to MMA not due to the fact that it would not function, yet due to the fact that it’s approach of “not combating” prevents them from it”, I went to show that Aikido actually does not work, by recording the “Aikido vs MMA” video. Filming it, was my very first excellent straight exposure to mixed martial arts. I was ready to obtain a shiner and also shed some teeth, anticipating the MMA man to be this ruthless, egotistic, disrespectful and also disinterested individual, as I was told regarding “people like him”, who would defeat the heck out of me provided the possibility to show that Aikido doesn’t work. To my fantastic shock, this MMA person was one of the best individuals I’ve satisfied, as well as he took fantastic treatment of me during my initial sparring experience!