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Watch Steven Seagal Choked Out By Judo Master and Poops His Pants

Steven Seagal Choked Out By Judo Master: Shits His Pants

The infamous story of the time Steven Seagal went toe-to-toe with “Judo” Gene LeBell. 

One of these men is a legend of combat sports who has had a long career working in film, a hero to many top-tier UFC fighters, and a true class act. The other is Steven Seagal.


Seagal denies this story, obviously, but Gene LeBell insists that it’s true and after you hear the story it’s pretty obvious why Seagal would want people to think that it’s untrue.

The two were working together on a film, and Steven Seagal swears on the lives of his children that he has never had a confrontation with Gene LeBell that resulted in getting choked out and shitting himself. Bold move, Sensei. We’ll get into more details of exactly what happened on the next page.

“If a guy soils himself, you can’t blame him. If he just had a nice big dinner an hour before, he might have a tendency to do that.” – Gene LeBell

Steven Seagal is no stranger to straight-up making shit up throughout his career, for example when he claimed that he taught Anderson Silva (a lifelong striker) the front kick. As a side note, in case you weren’t aware, he once drove a tank into somebody’s home and killed their pet dog while he was filming a reality show where he parades around as a cop.

Gene LeBell accompanies Ronda Rousey to her fights and she calls him her Uncle. Ronda Rousey comes to LeBell’s defence on the next page after Seagal calls Gene LeBell a “total asshole” and “a demented child.

Seagal says that he’s never heard of Ronda Rousey!

When you have a classy legend like Gene LeBell, he’s not running around trying to defame anybody. He gets asked about what happened, and he’s very coy about it. He’s not trying to drag anyone’s name through the mud. Compare that to the type of comments that the obviously ego-bruised Seagal was making and it’s just embarrassing.

What kind of a person runs around trying to take credit for everyone else’s success? Some MMA fighters will humor Seagal, others will outright ban him from getting anywhere near their locker room as was the case with Jon Jones after Seagal tried to hop on JBJ’s coattails.

Joe Rogan talks about Steven Seagal getting choked out by Gene Lebell. From the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast on february 9th.

Source: Joe Rogan talks about Steven Seagal getting choked out by Gene Lebell – YouTube