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UFC Champion Ronda Rousey vs Man Judo throw Broken Ribs ORIGINAL

Ronda Rousey takes guy down with power move.

Judo is a relatively modern martial art, created by Professor Jigoro Kano in 1882. Its roots lie in Jiu Jitsu, which was the original art used by the Samurai. Kano wanted to create a form of ju-jitsu that he could practice without fear of serious injury, and so Judo was born. It is a system of unarmed combat where the aim is to grapple with your opponent, and win by throwing them to the floor on their back, pinning them to the floor for 25 seconds, or performing a strangle or jointlock until they submit.

Learn a few moves, and work on perfecting them, as well as learning new ones. Learning cool new techniques will keep you motivated, but never forget to adhere to your basics. Watch the Judo masters: they often have a tournament arsenal no bigger than 4-6 throws. It’s better to do a few moves well, than many moves badly.

UFC ronda rousey break reporter aaron tru ribs
UFC Champion Ronda Rousey lays the smack down on a man failing to show her the proper respect. The result is 4 busted ribs

Source: UFC ChampionRonda Rousey vs Man Judo throw Broken Ribs ORIGINAL – YouTube