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PKA 397 w/ Smoking Tire – Woody Challenges Ice MMA, Boogie2988 Drama, Who Is America?

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Timeline by LegitRage
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0:00:00 – Woody introduces guest, Kyle introduces sponsors
0:00:15 – Conor McGregor and other celebrities renting expensive cars
0:09:30 – Matt’s experience of being on the Joe Rogan Experience
0:11:53 – McGregor getting off VERY lightly with his bus incident court case
0:14:11 – UFC talk: Will McGregor/Khabib happen? And other upcoming matches
0:17:04 – Video: Brock Lesnar & Daniel Cormier standing off in the octagon
0:19:26 – Bruce Buffer’s eccentric lifestyle & ladies of the night at Oktoberfest
0:26:21 – Matt recommends places in Europe for Taylor to visit
0:27:24 – Who is America? Sacha Baron Cohen humiliates Georgia politician (video)
0:40:34 – Comparing Who is America to Borat & Stuttering John’s prank calling Trump
0:45:23 – Bringing ladies of the night to formal events & should they be legalised?
0:48:54 – The Icarus paramotor race in Africa
0:50:11 – Woody challenges Ice Poseidon to an MMA fight
0:55:01 – Matt and Kyle’s experiences of racing cars
0:58:01 – Car talk: Rental cars, truck talk & SO much more nerdy vehicle talk
1:30:01 – Matt introduces the guys to Turo, a site to hire fancy cars
1:39:30 – Ad Read: Dollar Shave Club
1:40:58 – Video: Bodycam shows Cop firing at suspect through his windshield
1:51:04 – Taylor’s recent cop video binge & people’s lives ending on camera
1:55:53 – Taylor consults Matt about his future car-buying purchases
1:58:49 – How bulletproof cars work & the intricacies of the President’s limo
2:04:51 – Does the OK hand gesture somehow secretly mean white power?
2:06:30 – Most in-shape/fittest Presidents & Bill Clinton’s tomfoolery
2:11:41 – Where does Taylor draw the line as to what constitutes cheating?
2:16:23 – Taylor discovers /r/YiffInHell and would Hitler approve of Furries?
2:20:38 – Matt pimps his Social Medias/watch sponsors & leaves the show
2:23:09 – Ad Read: Postmates
2:25:09 – More Furry talk, how would the guys “self defend” against a Furry?
2:30:16 – Does cartoon content deter kiddy touchers from commiting real acts?
2:34:02 – Jordan Peterson’s ideology and the importance of masculinity
2:39:22 – Videos: Kyle and his gaming squad’s recent highlights in PUBG
2:43:24 – Planning a future PKA conspiracy debate, which conspiracies are plausible?
2:49:28 – Dan Harmon/James Gunn’s recent controversies & modern outrage culture
2:56:12 – Disney’s Frozen; an SEO masterpiece and fantastic movie
2:59:45 – Kyle’s devotion to not censoring his anti-PC dialect
3:00:34 – Boogie’s drama with the LGBT community & secret lover scandal
3:11:17 – PKA investigates a number of sugar daddy and adult services websites
3:28:51 – What would the hosts’ tactics be to win an island Battle Royale scenario?
3:37:07 – Are kids reaching puberty faster? And Kyle’s new fancy bottle
3:40:44 – Kyle’s complete desensitisation to coffee & experiences with adderall
3:46:56 – Kyle’s extreme weight loss technique
3:49:33 – Wings’ weight loss talk: Calorie intake, motivation & more
3:56:12 – Return to Boogie’s woes/drama & using fat people as motivation
3:59:52 – Video: McDonald’s fight between customer and LARGE managers
4:01:43 – Video: Dump truck impacts with overhead road sign
4:03:35 – Getting horrible people as PKA guests & the guys pose for photoshops
4:06:05 – The upcoming PKA Patreon hangout & Woody calls it a show