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Top 10 Extremely Interesting Muay Thai Knockouts of 2014

VIDEO: The knockout fever will just get real when you go through these 10 battles that were gloriously fought.

Not all battles end up good. However, 2014 witnessed some of the excellent Muay Thai Knockout championship battles that are a must to see.

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For those who are an aficionado of the famous reel knockouts, the year 2014 has delivered a good bunch of the greatest knockout rounds that you will witness. With the growing fame of the martial art sports Muay Thai across the globe, it is a no brainer that that we would be looking forward to more quality rounds then ever some time recently. Keeping in mind the end goal to bring forward some of the battles, I set up together a rundown of a percentage of the most excellent knockouts of year 2014. These battles include only the finest ones, showcasing flawlessly executed methods.

Right off the bat lets observe the most excellent knockout rounds.

#1 – The Knockout of 2014

This turning kick seems as though it was scripted from one of those gooey Karate motion pictures that used to play in the 90s. Despite the fact that this is a Taekwondo method, it unquestionably should be perceived as the best knockout in the year 2014. You couldn’t script a superior knockout in the event that you needed to. For those of you who need to attempt and force this leave in your next battle, good fortunes with that.


#2 – The Smooth Criminal

Taking our #2 spot on this rundown is the unbelievable Saenchai. In this battle Saenchai put on a Muay Thai clinc against Ghilas Barache to get the second best KO of 2014. Just a warrior like Saenchai would have the capacity to draw off a knockout as smooth as this one. Saenchai is so casual when he battles, he finds his adversary napping with his velocity. A great many fights Saenchai proceeds to showcase why he is a great warrior.

#3 – The Unreal Spinning Elbow

The turning elbow is a Muay Thai system that has awesome danger, additionally incredible prize. This battle between Naijon Tuhtaboey versus Chanajon PKSaenchaiMuayThai showcases how successful an all around executed turning elbow can be in a battle. Despite the fact that Naijon was relied upon to lose this battle, he had different thoughts. This is effortlessly one of the greatest turning elbow KOs you will ever see. Watch and Enjoy.

#4 – The Left Elbow from Hell

Saiyok is a greatly dangerous contender. When he punches and kicks, he puts each ounce of force he has into each strategy. This left elbow KO against Chanajon was hard to the point that I couldn’t trust Chanajon wasn’t sleeping on the canvas. That is a demonstration of Chanajon’s heart and will to keep battling, even after such a major blow. The elbow adaptation of the homerun stick head kick, severe.

#5 – The Instant Connection

Whosoever thought of the expression, “You battle like a young lady,” has never come close to the Muay Thai contender Caley Reece. Caley, in the last battle of 2014 had proved the reason she is amongst one of the superlative female warriors on the planet. The kick she delivered was a flawlessly put kick. It ended up right on Caley’s rivals face, setting her off to rest immediately. Caley has been long known as the strongest contender, a long shot a standout amongst the most talented female competitors that is at present in the battle amusement.

#6 – The night Punch

This battle between Simon Marcus and Joe Schilling made it to my incorporated list of favorite rundowns of the main 5 Muay Thai battles of 2014. However, it wasn’t a glorious kickboxing session. The KO triumph win by Joe Schilling was amazingly great over the beforehand invincible Simon Marcus. Paving the way to the KO, the fighter Simon had quite recently been hit by a fine. Lamentably, this left Simon easily release for Joe’s correct hand.

#7 – The Fierce Head Kick

A strong contender, Charlie, also known by the name “Boy” Peters is a contender that has a great deal of experience and has battled some top gentlemen far and wide. This head kick exhibits why you ought to dependably keep your hands up in a battle. The sound of the kick is verging on like a slugger breaking against his rival’s head. You can hear in the mentor in the feature hollering “toss the headkick” generally as he speaks the truth to empty. This is one of those features that you will observe over and over.

#8 – The Knockout all of a sudden

Our #8 knockout of the 2014 includes two top level contenders Pornsanae versus Superlek. Sadly for Pornsanae, this was an exceptionally intense match up as he was up against the finest contenders in his weight division. Despite the fact that Pornsanae began the battle with hostility and great stamina, he wound up getting got by this excellent head kick. Super dangerous and all around timed kick from Superlek. Watch the entire battle to truly value the KO.


#9 – Three Times the Charm

This battle between Antoine Pinto versus Michael Corley showcases the adequacy of the straight elbow right toss an adversary’s gatekeeper. Antoine times this elbow impeccably and has the capacity drop his adversary three times in succession with the same move. An ideal weapon against somebody who is keeping their gatekeeper tight and blocking side elbows viably.

#10 – The Beautiful Head Kick Finish

Beginning off our rundown of the best knockouts of 2014 is the battle between Thaksinlek versus Sam-A. This battle showcases two of the best 125lb warriors on the planet. These gentlemen are both dangerous and known for their velocity and snappiness. When I watched this battle, I was blown away when I saw the knockout. I didn’t hope to see one of my most loved contenders lying on the canvas like that.


The 10 Best Muay Thai Knockouts of 2014


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