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Karate Joint-Lock Takedown: Kushanku / Kanku-Dai / Kosokun Bunkai


This video looks at bunkai for a series from Kushanku/ Kanku-Dai/ Kosokun. The kata is a document of the combative techniques and also principles formulated by a Chinese martial musician that went by the name of Kushanku. Kushanku can additionally be obvious “Kosokun”, and the kata was relabelled as “Kanku-Dai” in Shotokan martial arts.

Some karate chroniclers believe that “Kushanku” was an armed forces title instead of an individual name– a break down of the specific characters utilized to write Kushanku would certainly appear to sustain that– however the kata is called after a particular martial artist from China. Kushanku is stated to have come from China to Okinawa in the 1750s with other military personal at the request of Okinawa’s king. While in Okinawa, Kushanku taught Tode Sakugawa, who subsequently developed the kata to videotape Kushanku’s approach.

This series takes a look at the Kubi-Wa toss (neck ring toss) discovered towards the end of the kata. The kata motivates us to strike the adversary ought to the toss fail, and it also shows a joint-lock takedown which will take the opponent in the opposite instructions to the first throw.

It is important to understand that the kata is revealing numerous options. We do not need to utilize all the strikes, neither do we should do them in the same order as offered. Furthermore, since both takedowns move in contrary instructions, it is possible to try the armbar takedown initially and afterwards change to the neck-right throw if the enemy resits.

Customers additionally need to understand that this brief clip can not reveal the wider approach. It is not sufficient to practise the kata solo, nor is it enough to do the bunkai “as is” with a grievance companion.

While certainly incomplete, I however hope this clip is of some rate of interest.

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