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Aikido vs MMA – REAL SPARRING – 2017

There are currently lots of individuals calling Aikido – Bullshido, yet time came to really see whether standard Aikido functions in a Mixed Martial Arts ring.

While this video clip is not Aikido vs MMA as a genuine fight, it’s just a light sparring, it still demonstrates how Aikido doesn’t function in this establishing also when matched versus an Aikido practitioner of years. It’s an excellent indicator that Aikido fight is not actually the best part of Aikido efficiency.

Whatever martial arts you combine Aikido with making an Aikido vs video clip, whether it will be Aikido vs MMA, Aikido vs BJJ, Aikido vs Karate, Aikido vs Judo or any various other Aikido vs, it most likely will constantly have a difficult time and also it Aikido’s absence in training approach will certainly leave Aikido subjected. In the end it comes to be a scene of Aikido dream vs fact, which describes why a few of the keys search words for Aikido are: Aikido phony, aikido bullshido, aikido doesn’t work, aikido gets possessed, aikido obtains damaged, aikido in truth, aikido is trash as well as even more.

Unless we check out Aikido practical application, any Aikido vs MMA video will certainly wind up looking negative. Thus something has to be done which is why I’ve started a project called Aikido Quest.

See the entire trip just how this video bring about starting a new design of Aikido ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4FJXg8RNp-m1p5gxskNvOl_-4NqxjsJV

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Call of the tune used in sparring: Nameless Warning – Spillway [Argofox]