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Anderson Silva Fights MMA’s Most Notorious Criminal

Among the greatest of perpetuity fights with the most well-known male in MMA background – Lee Murray who masterminded the largest break-in in British background, taking off with a whopping 53 million euros. If not for Sadam Hussein’s 1 billion dollar heist during the Iraq war, Lee Murray’s heist is considered the greatest cash money break-in worldwide’s history.

When Anderson Silva had much extra Muay Thai influence in his style, this was in the days. The scissor kick arrangement as well as the reverse roundhouse, consisting of the opposite up elbow, leads me to think that his greatest influence is Somrak Khamsing, the Muay Thai superstar that took place to win an Olympic gold medal as well as the mentor of Saenchai.

Watch to the very end of the video clip for a vital message from the goat;-RRB-.

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