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Top 50 Knockouts in MMA History


A compilation of 50 of the best knockouts in MMA and UFC history. Not in any specific order!

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This video includes:
Top 50 Knockouts in UFC History
Top 50 Knockouts in MMA
Top 20 Knockouts in UFC History
The Best Knockouts in UFC
The Best Knockouts in MMA
When mma fighters lose control! Highlights! Knockouts!
Taekwondo in MMA! Top-8 best knockouts and highlights!
Cockiest fighters get ktfo! Top-25 best knockouts and highlights!
Family Friendly
Top 10 MMA Knockouts
Top 20 MMA Knockouts
Top 30 MMA Knockouts
Top 40 MMA Knockouts
Top 50 MMA Knockouts
When MMA Fighters Lose Control
MMA Fighters Lose Control
UFC Fighters Lose Control
Fighters Lose Control
The Ultimate Fighter
Craziest MMA Moments
Scariest MMA Moments