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The Punk Rock Karate Rabbits are at it once more! Can they win the Battle of the Bands versus the evil Beartallica?

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Composed by Eric Moneypenny.

Ramone– Rama Vallury.
Savage– Nick Gligor.
Danzig– Eric Moneypenny.
Rollins– Kash Abdulmalik.
Bear– Jon Bailey (https://twitter.com/EpicVoiceGuy).
Commentator– Michael Resnick.
Physician– Kelly Vrooman.

Music by David Schmoll.
Vocals by David Schmoll and also Ben Wickham.

Animation by 1881 Animations.

AOK is the house to funny topical animations as well as live activity funny illustrations jabbing fun at every little thing from politics to pop society. You can find parodies of Super Smash Bros., Dora the Explorer, Donald Trump, Kanye West, the Power Rangers, and more.